The Performance

The Travelling Light Project Presents:

the World in a Suitcase

An intimate, interactive object theatre performance on a global scale. Through object manipulation, puppetry, interactive projections, clowning and theatre, the weird and wonderful objects from all over the world are brought to life by a lone traveller who seems to have lost her way.

This work is about crossing borders, connecting people and places through objects, it explores the possibilities of mass global communication and celebrates global citizenship. It is a journey around the world from the inside of a suitcase, why don’t you come along?


It is suitable for people of all ages, specifically created to be accessible to a multicultural and multilingual audience.

Performance Dates


Next perfomance TBC: Summer 2018 in Melbourne (Australia) 

12/10/2018 @ 7.00pm/7.45pm/8.30pm | Pesta Boneka Puppet Festival - Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

10/12/2017 @ 7.00pm | Casa Cultural - San Cristobal, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

4/11/2017 @ 8.00pm | Feliza, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

30/09/2017 @ 3.00pm | Univerisad Nacional De Los Artes, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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The world in a suitcase...

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