A Drop in the Ocean

Over the last few months I have spent a lot of time sending emails to people in every corner of the earth, to vast lands and small Islands, trying to spread the word about the Travelling Light Project. Last week, I sent 60 emails and didn’t hear a thing back. I began to wonder if I was a little too insignificant to be taking on the whole world as a project.

Just a drop in the ocean.

Objects from Taiwan, Malta, Germany and Argentina.

Then an email arrived from Hobisoa…

“Your project sounds good! I would have loved to be able to send you an object but I think it is a little bit complicated from Madagascar, but may be can I search for a special virtual object to send you by email. Let me think and search...By the way, congratulations, I really like your project and hope you'll meet success.”

and from Tamarin Arts Centre…

“This sounds amazing and right up my street. We will be delighted to send you a physical object from Mauritius! Please give me the physical address so we may help you pack!! "

And another from Kapenangutjiua at ChiNamibia Arts Education for Devolpment…

“Good day, what an amazing project, I would love to be part of it. What kind of object would you like me to sent and please forward your address."

Suddenly it is raining with kind words and the promise of objects from people I have never met across the globe. I can see the power of the internet, the power of people and their desire to connect and communicate, the power of art to break boundaries and cross cultures.

Objects from Japan, Tajikistan and Sweden.

I realise how far the project has come since my first post, several months ago. I have double the number of objects in the suitcase - 45 objects from 45 people in 45 countries to be precise!!

It is happening slowly, but it is happening. Like ripples spreading from the drop in the ocean.

Objects from Vietnam, DR Congo and Rwanda.

Here is a list of the people who have given me, not only objects, but their time, thoughts and energy to find and send the perfect ones. They appear in the order I received each object. Thank you.

Sergio and Eleonora in Argentina

Mary in the USA

Veronica in France

Paula and Veronica from Spain

Laura in England

Francesca from Italy

Kim in Gambia

Nicky in New Zealand

Chen and Steve in China

Ali in Slovenia

Buki in Nigeria

Katie in Burundi and Kenya

Katharina in Germany

Han in Peru

Ellu in Finland

Floor in India

Tamara in Poland

Seeds Theatre Company Inc. in Papua New Guinea

Penny in Hungary

Eman in Malta

Kristi in Taiwan

Hazel in Hong Kong

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Greece

Hermione at Cambodia Living Arts in Cambodia

Monza in Mauritana

Nargiza at Mesto D Theatre in Kyrgyzstan

Vic’s object from Canada

Maija and Hope at Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Rwanda

Marlene from Sweden

Richard’s object from Japan

Kathryn’s object from Thailand

Chris visiting Antarctica

Boe in Vietnam and Myanmar

Janet in Scotland

Gulya from Tajikistan

Youval in Israel

Freddy in Congo-Kinshasa

Anna in Brunei

Vesna in Croatia

Tom and Vicky on honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Joanne in Antigua and Barbuda

And on the way - objects from Zita in Chile and Samyra in Venezuela.

You can see pictures of all the objects received so far on Instagram at rosy.travellinglight and continue following the journey at www.travellinglightproject.com.


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