Traveller's Delight

Christmas has been and gone, a New Year has begun and the Travelling Light Project is on the move. This week 38 objects from around the world, nestled inside their new home - a beautiful old red suitcase, went on their first journey together to Argentina.

I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to share the project with my fellow world travellers, so in preparation for the journey my creative mum decorated the suitcase with the website address. Who knows how many wandering tired eyes from the airports I passed through, have now read about the Travelling Light Project!

As I sat waiting for my flight, musing on the lives of everyone else around me, I found myself thinking about the life of each object. There is a 44-million-year-old history locked inside the Baltic Amber from Poland, the journey of Han’s life caught in a Painting from Peru and just the beginning of a story in the Baby Booties from England.

38 individual objects that now share one story, either via satellites in the sky, air mail or hand delivered from friend to friend, all the objects travelled to me. I felt the responsibility of what I was carrying in my hand, the stories I must honour and continue to tell.

I noticed people glancing at my unusual suitcase with its secrets inside. I had many compliments, one air steward on my flight particularly loved it! but the part I like the most about these journeys is when you arrive. Leaving the controlled part of the airport, you are faced with a wall of people waiting for their loved ones and I can’t help but smile.

On Christmas eve Janet sent me the following photo from Scotland as she waited for her family to arrive. She wrote “this is the clock in Glasgow Central Station: meeting point for all and sundry on a myriad of journeys under a quintessential railway station roof. So many journeys have started or finished here from the daily commute to long awaited reunions with loved ones from thousands of miles away”

It is the stories that the travellers carry with them, to share with those waiting at the other end - that is the traveller’s delight!

You can see pictures of all the objects received so far on Instagram at rosy.travellinglight and continue following the journey at


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