The Journey Begins

If all of my emails have arrived, someone in every country in the world should know about the Travelling Light Project. Word is definitely spreading as I now have a collection of over 20 objects nestled inside the suitcase with at least one from every continent in the world - I even have one on the way from Antarctica!

It seems appropriate to dedicate this first blog post to those people that set me off on this journey, they have posted me handmade, found, and bought objects, emailed me recordings, photos and videos and some were even delivered by hand from far and distant lands!

The very first one was a matchbox suitcase from Sergio and Eleonora in Argentina. This was followed by objects from…

Mary in the USA

Veronica in France

Paula and Veronica from Spain

Laura in England

Francesca from Italy

Kim in Gambia

Nicky in New Zealand

Chen and Steve in China

Ali in Slovenia

Buki in Nigeria

Katie in Burundi and Kenya

Katharina in Germany

Han in Peru

Ellu in Finland

Floor in India

Tamara in Poland

Seeds Theatre Company Inc. in Papua New Guinea

Penny in Hungary

Eman in Malta

And something from Kristi in Taiwan and Hazel in Hong Kong are in the post as I type!

It has been humbling to receive these objects from new friends, old friends, friends of friends, family and complete strangers. Thank you to everyone!

The media seems intent on highlighting the differences between people from one place and another, inciting fear and uncertainty about the future of global citizenship. I have already learnt, with these amazing small connections made through the travelling light project, that we are different and the same and this is something to be celebrated, not feared.

Katharina from Germany wrote "at time we've got so many problems here with racism against all the refugees coming (not only) from syria. In your project I see the chance to bring people together from all over the world, just to see that in the end we're all the same. The best is, you're actually not collecting things, but the stories behind the things. I'm sure it will be an amazing moment to get all these stories in one travelling-suitcase!”

In my search for participants for the project I have found that almost every country in the world has at least one active theatre, artistic or cultural centre, no matter how small the place. Creative activities are thriving within this changing world. Hopefully I can make a small addition, using the internet as my tool, emailing people, little by little, and create a global creative network through sharing objects and make theatre on a global scale.

You can see pictures of all the objects received so far on Instagram at rosy.travellinglight and continue following the journey at


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